Financial Planning - Consulting firm debuts outsourced investment management solution for financial advisors

November 3, 2022
Joseph Taiber, CFA
2 minutes

Joseph Taiber, CFA

Managing Partner

Taiber Kosmala & Associates, a Chicago-based independent investment consulting firm advising on more than $15 billion in client assets, is celebrating the launch of an outsourced chief investment officer service for RIAs, national advisory firms, broker-dealers and trust companies.

Called Taiko, the platform is designed to serve RIAs and financial institutions ranging from $100 million in AUM to multibillion-dollar national enterprises. Taiko applies an institutional-caliber process to each client by delivering a curated gallery of investment strategies supplemented by custom practice management tools and technologies.

Joe Taiber, managing partner at Taiko, told Financial Planning that while his firm is entering the platform business with this launch, he doesn't consider the new offering a traditional platform. Instead, each new RIA relationship created via Taiko begins with a clean slate.

From there, Taiber and his team take a consultative approach toward delivering to advisory firms investment programs that are fully customized to the needs of their clients.

"We don't come in and say, 'this is how you should invest.' We consult. I mean, we are consultants by trade for 20 years," Taiber said. "So we really consult with them and say, how do you want to shape your platform of solutions so that you don't have to look like everybody else operating on a platform? Let's build your platform together."

Taiber said Taiko can be the differentiator wealth managers use to stand out in a competitive market. With more than two decades of experience serving pensions, endowments and the wealth management marketplace, Taiko's leadership team has deep relationships with hedge funds, venture capital firms, private equity, private debt and real asset managers that can't be found on traditional TAMPs and alternative investment platforms.

"I think the RIA industry is just riddled with solutions that try to fit each firm into the same box … but all we've done for 25 years is build custom investment programs for each unique institutional client," Taiber said. "This is just an extension of the same philosophy, and the tech that's available today allows us to build that custom house and that gallery of solutions. We would not have been able to do this even five or six years ago."

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