The Taiko Process

Investment Philosophy & Technology Discovery

The Taiko Process

Custom Investment Program Construction

The Taiko Process

Investment Program Implementation

The Taiko Process

Ongoing Trading, Research, Reporting, Support


We partner with you to deliver exceptional investment programs and operational efficiencies using cutting-edge technology and leveraging the finest minds in the financial world. Our highly credentialed team evenly divides their time between serving you as a client and conducting rigorous investment research.

get actionable advice

Our actionable advice is based on a thorough understanding of your needs. With Taiko, you and your clients enjoy a high level of confidence in the custom investment program designed to achieve client goals. Overseeing the market can be a full-time job, but with expert OCIO guidance, you can help clients make informed decisions.

stand out from the crowd

Other platforms may boast thousands of investment manager choices, but Taiko will only offer managers and strategies that meet our institutional selection criteria and adhere to your client’s investment priorities. You will stand out from your competition by selecting a strategic business partner that takes the time to understand your investment philosophy, resource needs, and firm culture.
When you’re ready to spend more time nurturing existing client relationships and developing new ones
Let Taiko build custom investment programs for you.
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