InvestmentNews - Investment Consulting Firm Launches OCIO

November 4, 2022
Christopher Horvath
1 minute

Christopher Horvath

Managing Director

Taiber Kosmala & Associates, an independent investment consulting firm advising on $15 billion in client assets, launched Taiko, a boutique outsourced chief investment officer solution designed for RIAs, national advisory firms, broker-dealers and trust companies. Taiko combines institutional research and Taiber Kosmala’s unique consulting strategy to provide advisers with investment portfolios, a personalized back office and an integrated technology stack.

Taiko is hoping it can stand out in an already crowded TAMP marketplace by offering something different — outsourced investments and technology that’s custom tailored to each unique adviser. As the company’s PR team put it, Taiko is an option for advisers who disdain traditional TAMPs. Given how much we talk about the investor demand for personalization, it makes sense that advisers are demanding it from their providers as well. Maybe that will be enough for Taiko to cut through.

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