Wealth Solutions Report - Taiko Launches As OCIO And Support Platform For Wealth Management Firms

November 3, 2022
Christopher Horvath
2 minutes

Christopher Horvath

Managing Director

Taiber Kosmala and Associates, a Chicago-based investment consulting firm advising on over $15 billion in client assets, launched Taiko as an OCIO solution for RIAs, national advisory firms, broker dealers and trust companies. Taiko combines institutional research with bespoke investment portfolios, middle- and back-office support and an integrated technology stack.Taiko, which is built for firms with $100 million to billions in assets under management (AUM), offers operational, technological, marketing and compliance support. It aims to alleviate the burden on wealth management firms of handling non-revenue-generating responsibilities such as trading and rebalancing, billing and portfolio accounting.

The platform provides vetted SMA managers and alternative investments, capital markets and economic research, as well as dashboards that strive to streamline communication with Taiko’s team and simplify workflows for firms. Its leadership has pre-existing relationships with hedge funds, venture capital and private equity firms, as well as private debt and real asset managers.

And now for our quick Q&A with Wealthtech Leader of the Month Chris Horvath, Managing Director at Taiko.

WSR: There’s so much tech out there for wealth management firms. How does Taiko stand out as an OCIO solution for RIAs?

Horvath: Taiko was created with an institutional investment consulting backbone and combining that expertise with a custom technology solution is a game changer for RIAs. Our clients experience a completely customized investment program to offer their clients and feel empowered to grow their business the way they want.

Our technology is simple by design and built with intention to allow advisors and their teams to gather the data they need when they need it and feel confident the job is getting done right.

WSR: How can wealth management leaders determine ahead of time which tech-based institutional IM and back-office solutions will really be value-add?

Horvath: To really get a handle on the solutions that will bring the most value to a wealth management business, I suggest doing a little homework first. Leaders can sit down with their teams and calculate the amount of hours spent on investment management, research and back-office duties and discuss how they would repurpose that time.

Some teams might invest those hours back into the business by serving more clients or simply offering new services to existing clients. Additionally, advisory firm leaders should focus on solutions that would allow their team to spend more time doing what they enjoy the most.

WSR: What’s next on the advisor-facing technology front for Taiko, in terms of product pipeline and/or strategic growth initiatives, and why?

Horvath: We launched a brand new, lightning fast advisor experience to elevate the investment management and research process. Each RIA we serve has their own curated Strategy Gallery that includes their own custom investment portfolios, SMAs and alternative investment solutions. We’re also focusing on smart dashboards that empower RIAs to maintain a strong grasp on the business, both from an investment and operational perspective.

To learn more, view the press release here.

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